Nintendo have confired the name and release date of the upcoming Pikmin game for Nintendo 3DS; Hey! Pikmin will release on July 28, this year.

The latest entry into the Pikmin series marks the debut of the franchise on a handheld console. The game will be a side-scrolling 2D platform game, that will use the 3DS’ touchscreen to throw and manipulate Pikmin.

A new Pikmin amiibo will also hit the shelves on the same day. Nintendo have not yet detailed what the amiibo functionality will be, but expect more information in the run up to the release of the game this summer.

The last Pikmin game came out for Wii U all the way back in 2013, and moving the franchise to 3DS will add some innovation to the series, which has traditionally always been played from a top-down perspective.

Check out the trailer below!

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