Last week I was invited by Cross down to London to go hands-on with their brand new TrackR pen. The pen features the same high quality design of other Cross products but has one special difference, it contains a tracking device.

By partnering with TrackR, whose tracking devices have taken the world by storm, Cross have managed to create a product which lives up to their high standards all the while addressing the biggest problem consumers face with purchasing a high-end piece of stationary.

Speaking to Marketing Director Nicola Shepherd I learnt that the number one reason people choose not to invest in a high-end pen is due to the fact that they are easily lost. It’s remarkable then, that this device is the first of its kind.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, because before I could get my hands on the TrackR pen I had to find it first. I started my journey off in the perfectly-apt Stationer’s Hall. Inside this beautiful building I paired my phone to the pen using the TrackR app which, after some fiddling around with account settings and such, worked wonderfully. After a brief pep talk the group of hunters were sent on their merry way. We were given subtle clues and anagrams to work out where the next clue was hidden. Using the clues we eventually found our way to the final destination. It was here that the pens were unveiled and I got a chance to play around with the product.

You see, the TrackR pen contains the same tracking hardware featured in the TrackR Bravo. Using the app you can locate the pen via Bluetooth up to a 100ft range. The clever thing is that if you are separated from the pen at any point the Crowd Locate feature comes into play. Crowd Locate means that if another TrackR user comes into range of your pen then you are immediately notified. It is also possible to have the pen ring through use of the app. Interestingly the reverse is also true; pressing the button on the pen will cause your phone to ring, provided you are in range of course.

Separation alerts are an option too allowing the user to be notified when the connection between the pen and the app breaks. In my time using the product everything ran very smoothly indeed. For the last week I have had separation alerts on and have tasked my co-workers with attempting to steal the pen. Time after time they would take the pen outside of my range and I would be notified instantly.

It’s easy to see why this product will be extremely useful for some people and will give users piece of mind that they have spent their money wisely. With an RRP of £215.00 the TrackR pen sits nicely within the range of similar Cross products, which is nice considering the added technology housed within.

The pen is a little bulky to write with but considering the fact that Cross and TrackR have managed to make a mobile tracking device fit inside the pen at all more than makes up for it. The battery is easily replaceable and the build quality is noticeably high.

Overall the Cross TrackR pen is a great solution to the number one problem with high end pens. The TrackR software is solid and intuitive enough to work for daily use. I am mostly using the pen to track down my phone when I inevitably lose it 50 times a day which is a great thing indeed. For those previously hesitant about splashing out on a writing device in fear they may immediately lose it, the Cross TrackR pen is a very good place to start.

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