Impact Winter is Coming a Little Later than Planned

Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer Mojo Bones have announced that they need a little more time to finish development Impact Winter, their upcoming survival adventure game.

In a press release, Bandai Namco announced that Impact Winter would now be launching on PC on May 23. As for the console release, that’s still due to launch “later this year.”

“Unfortunately IMPACT WINTER will now release a little later than expected, hitting Steam on 23rd May, 2017. Why the delay? Well, the truth is, IMPACT WINTER has become a LOT bigger than we first expected: a pretty complex beast with lots of different systems and mechanics. Everything is in place, but one of our main priorities in the run up to release has been making sure that the initial stages of the game aren’t too overwhelming and that the overall experience is evenly balanced. Given the scope of the project and our team size it’s taking a little longer than expected. Ultimately, it’s all in aid of giving everyone the best experience possible which is the No.1 priority” explained Stuart Ryall Co-Founder and Designer at Mojo Bones Ltd. on their website.

“On the flip side, we’ve had some really positive feedback from our playtest sessions and the game is shaping up to be something unique, and definitely a lot more than we envisioned all those years ago,” he continued.

In Impact Winter, players take the role of Jacob Solomon, a leader of a group of people trying to survive the aftermath of an asteroid collision. All hope is not lost as a mysterious radio message says “In 30 days, help is coming…” all you have to do, is survive.