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Introviersion Software, the developers behind Prison Architect, have released their next game, Scanner Sombre, on Steam today.

Earlier this week Introversion announced their next game revealing that it’d be released later this week, well, later this week has arrived and now players can jump into a minimal suspense-layden journey of first person proportions.

In Scanner Sombre, players use a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging” scanner to make their way through a series of creepy underground caves in complete darkness with the goal of getting back to the surface.

With nothing but a series of individual lights painting a static 3D image of the maze, players discover what lurks within the caves.

Creative Director at Introversion Chris Delay said, “Scanner Sombre is a total departure for us as a studio in terms of visual style and tone; it’s almost a subversive game when you think about what people might expect from Introversion so we’re really looking forward to hearing people’s reactions when they can play it.”

The games reveal trailer can be seen below:

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Scanner Sombre is available now on Steam.

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