Invader Zim is Making a Comeback with TV Movie

Nickelodeon has announced that Invader Zim is coming back to the channel with his own TV movie!

Apparently it’s been over ten years since the last new episode of Invader Zim aired on TV, that’s a pretty long time ago, and I now feel old as fuck. Anyway, while I wipe away the old man tears, let’s talk about Invader Zim’s comeback.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that a 90-minute movie has been given the thumbs up by Nickelodeon and will feature the core voice cast from the original series. Entitled Invader Zim Returns, this movie will likely see Zim once again trying to take over the world only for Gir to ruin it somehow.

Invader Zim isn’t the first classic Nick Toon to be remade into a movie, Hey Arnold! is also getting the TV Movie treatment as well as a Rocko’s Modern Life special. There’s also a NickToons feature film in the works that’ll star members of the Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, and more.

Unfortunately there’s no announcement on when Zim will be invading our TV sets.