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Kim Reaper #1 Review

A very random, yet enjoyable read.

Kim Reaper #1 Review

Kim Reaper #1 is one random, out there comic, BUT that doesn’t mean its bad.

It’s hard to predict what is going to happen in this comic and, honestly, I think that’s one of the things I loved about it. It’s random, it catches you off guard, and just when you think you might know whats going to happen, you’re surprised by the opposite.

Without giving too much away, Kim Reaper follows two girls, Becka and Kim, in their pursuit to assist an old cat to pass on into the after life. Yep, you read that right, that is the basis of this first issue, and it is absolutely hilarious. When you first start reading the comic that’s the last thing you think is going to happen, and yet that’s where it ends up.

While the story may be out-there, it isn’t terrible, and actually once you get into it, it’s a fun, light-hearted read that will probably brighten your day. There were times I just ended up laughing to myself because of how ridiculous some of the events are, but that’s what works for this series.

The writing is solid as well. Everything flows and feels like you’re listening to a natural conversation… Well, minus the part about working as a Grim Reaper, but you’ll see what I mean. When it doesn’t flow is when the ridiculous things start happening, but if the ridiculous things feel natural to the series then they still work right? Right.

Kim Reaper #1 Review - n3rdabl3The art is very familiar, if you have ever watched Steven Universe or Uncle Grandpa on Cartoon Network. While the art style isn’t serious or detailed, guess what, it works too! The writing and art flow together and help bring out the nonsensical moments to the point where its hard to not laugh or smile while reading it.Kim Reaper #1 Review - n3rdabl3

Kim Reaper #2 hits stores May 17! Don’t hesitate and give this series a read.

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