Kingsman: The Golden Circle Debut Trailer Revealed

Kingsman: The Secret Service is possibly one of the greatest spy-spoof movies ever created and the debut trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks set to impress. This action packed trailer shares what appears to be the first moments of the movie, giving fans a look at the impending destruction of the Kingsman HQ.

With a precision strike against the high society tailorshop and a far grander and more complete obliteration of the country estate, Eggsy finds himself stood out in the rain amongst the debris and the ruins of his second home. All is not lost however when Merlin meets him and presumably the dashing duo leap into action to discover who was behind it.

Showing off some spectacular special effects isn’t the only thing we’re treated to. The clean crisp combat choreography makes an appearance in the tight confines of a London Black Cab (I can’t even change clothes in the back, let alone fight an assassin…).  We’re also introduced to Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and Channing Tatum’s characters. Tatum sporting a double denim ensemble complete with whip and cowboy hat, yeehaw! Halle Berry looks to be Merlin’s US counterpart and lets be honest, who doesn’t love a female scientist? However Julianne Moore’s character doesn’t do much more than wave at us so her grand scheme remains much a mystery for now.

The tagline “A Proper Spy Movie” couldn’t  mote accurate and that’s just from 2minutes of footage! There’s intrigue and mystery, there’s also the traditional submersible car scene, showing Eggsy entering a mysterious underwater abode. There’s guns, gadgets and of course girls, after all, what kind of self respecting spy movie would it be without them?

Check out the trailer below, although we are no closer to a full release date, this action-packed teaser trailer already has us on the edge of our seats!

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