Lock’s Quest Console Port Delayed until May

THQ Nordic has this week announced that the console and PC port of the acclaimed Nintendo DS title, Lock’s Quest, has been delayed slightly until May 30.

For those who missed out on Lock’s Quest back in 2008, players will assume the role of Lock, a boy who becomes entangled in an invasion of his Village. This invasion triggers a much wider war between Kingdom Force and a new Clockwork Army, thus a 75-day long war ensues.

Players will be tasked with defending their village from invaders using a series of turrets, traps, and special attacks. As players progress they’ll unlock more resources and equipment to stop the invasion.

The upcoming remaster will feature a ton of great improvements to the game including a revamped progression system which unlocks new turrets at specific plot points, new Antonia Defence Battles with a new map, fully remastered music, remapped controls for PC and console, an improved UI, and more.

Lock’s Quest is set to launch on May 30 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.