Loco Roco Remastered Gets a Release Date

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that Loco Roco Remastered will release May 9 for PlayStation 4. The game, which was originally announced at PSX 2016, is a remaster of the 2006 PSP game which saw players controlling an anthropomorphic, singing blob. The game tasks players with separating and combining the jelly-like characters in order to solve puzzles.

Loco Roco Remastered is available for pre order now with a 20% discount available for PS Plus users. The game will feature PS4 Pro optimisation with the game running at 4K throughout. The Dualshock 4’s motion controls can be used to tilt the squishy characters through each level. There’s puzzle to complete, secrets to find and a Loco house to customise.

There’s no news yet on the other remaster which was announced at PSX, Patapon.

You can check out 9 minutes of the game running at 4K in the video below:

  • James Broome

    A game from 11 years ago still looks better than anything out on the 3DS today! Such a shame the PSP and Vita were never a massive hit. Really looking forward to Patapon.