London Games Festival: Character Parade

London Games Festival is a city wide festival celebrating video game culture. The project aims to help promote indie developers and generate investment by encouraging gamers and designers to show case their skills.

What does gaming have alot of? Iconic characters and fans. Cosplay isn’t a new thing but it’s recently exploded into the forefront of gaming and nerd culture. Cosplayers come from the world over to show off their immaculately designed costumes, unique takes on character designs and their passion for the industry. MCM and Comic Cons around the globe tend to be where you’ll find the majority of these artists, but London Gaming Festival gave London based cosplayers the chance to take to the streets and show what they’ve been working on.

Attendees were encouraged to meet in Guildhall and join the procession on the way down towards St. Pauls Cathedral where there was a stage waiting for a brief catwalk display outside one of the main halls. Being led by Kitty Powers, we would be stopping at various locations for photos and general shenanigans with the public.

Among the crowd were the usual diverse array of costumes and characters, ranging from dark and bulky Street Judges from the Dredd series, despite the heat of the day, to Lillith and Maya from Borderlands.

Meeting the faces behind the characters is always a pleasure, here’s just a few of the atendees:

David Dafinone of Dafcorp. David was rocking an awesome Cyborg costume with built in lights and a speaker system. In a brief chat before we got moving, David said he was planning on creating a series of short fan films around his costumes. Be sure to check out his facebook page for more info!

The folks from platinum_android and XSentrix cosplays were happy to stop for a quick photo, sporting a trio of One Piece costumes. Sadly we didn’t have much time to talk before we were hurried along the path. Holding up traffic in London is never something people appreciate after all!

Possibly my favourite group of the day were the Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite characters. Daisy Fitzroy of the Vox Populi by Kizuki Cosplay. Elizabeth and Booker played by Hannah Lydia Cosplay and Weathered King Cosplay respectively, and last but not least there was Jack from Bioshock by Bathysphere Cosplay.

Check out the full gallery of images below!

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