Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Trailer Arrives

Did you know Freeform was a thing? I didn’t know Freeform was a thing until about 20 minutes ago, but I do know what Cloak & Dagger is and I can talk about that.

You know how the Amazing Spider-man film series was like a teen drama but with comic book stuff? Well, I have a feeling if that series had been successful it would’ve spawned something like this Cloak & Dagger trailer.

I owe Cloak and Dagger a lot since they were featured in my GCSE Media Studies exam which I did rather well in.

Essentially Cloak & Dagger have chalk and cheese superpowers. Tyrone (Cloak) has shadow based powers and Tandy (Dagger) has light based super powers. Their standout gimmick is that they’re homeless superheroes and are deeply in love.

Judging by the angsty dialogue, it’s Smallville / Amazing Spider-man style teen sap set in the Marvel Universe. It seems the source of their powers is something to do with sinister Roxxon Corporation (featured in Iron Man 3). Find out more when it comes out in 2018.

Also, Freeform is doing a New Warriors TV series too, following a bunch of young adult superheroes that once featured the Scarlet Spider… and hopefully not Squirrel Girl.

She’s not a Killing Joke. She’s a tired Joke.