Menaphos: The Golden City Expansion Set to Shake up RuneScape this Summer

Jagex has announced the first in a series of expansions for their long-running MMORPG, RuneScape, Menaphos: The Golden City, which is set to arrive this Summer.

Reeling from their year of celebrating 15 years of RuneScape Jagex are wasting no time to announce what’s next for the MMO. Touted as “the biggest-ever shake up” the first expansion, Menaphos: The Golden City, is set to land this June, opening the gates to a city that’s been locked for more than a decade.

This is the first in a new series of “RuneScape Expansions” that’ll bring new content to the game. Menaphos: The Golden City will be the first in the series introducing new areas and regions to explore to no added cost to RuneScape subscribers.

Having been hidden in plain sight for over a decade, the gates are about to open to the legendary city of Menaphos. Inside players will find a sprawling sandbox of a city which has a focus on exploration and discovery. What lies within is a series of “untold riches and stories” waiting to be unearthed, however it’ll require players to earn the right to hear these tales.

In among the city players will discover new quests as well as a constantly changing series of tombs which can be raided for their riches. A new Slayer Dungeon is also available which will see the Slayer Skill level cap raise from 99 to 120 for the first time.

A brand new trailer for Menaphos: The Golden City can be seen below.