Microsoft to add Microtransactions into Minecraft

Microsoft has today announced the forthcoming addition of “The Minecraft Markeplace” a new program to allow players to distribute and even sell their own creations within the game.

Later this Spring the Minecraft 1.1 Discovery Update for mobile and Windows 10 will bring with it the Minecraft Marketplace, a place for players to sell and purchase community-made maps, texture packs, mini-games, and more. At launch players can expect to find a catalogue of Microsoft-curated content from Minecraft creators, to offer them another way to “make a living from the game, allowing them to support themselves in the creation of future projects.”

In order for this to happen, Minecraft on mobile and Windows 10 will see the introduction of Minecraft Coins which players can purchase using real cash. That’s right, Minecraft is getting microtransactions.

Microsoft has also said that they understand that players play on multiple devices and vow to make content that players purchase available on multiple devices through an Xbox Live account.

At launch, the Minecraft Marketplace will feature content by well-known creators, such as BlockWorks, Noxcrew and Qwertyuiop The Pie, among others.