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Microsoft Unveils Specs for Scorpio Console

Microsoft is looking to even the score in this console war

Project Scorpio

Microsoft, via the Digital Foundry, unveiled the specs for their upcoming console, Scorpio, and they’re promising it will be “the most powerful console ever”.

Well today they seemed to deliver on that promise with a list of beefy specs. In regards to raw power, they surpass that of any console on the market to date. In the PR reveal with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, Microsoft stated that it will include a custom eight-core CPU, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and it is all housed in a compact body with integrated power supply and, in terms of consoles, a state-of-the-art cooling.

Put simply.. this thing is a beast. Check out the specs below.


Still confused? Let me put it this way. Digital Foundry witnessed the console run a Forza Motorsport demo at native-4K, at 60 frames per second with a substantial overhead. This suggests that Scorpio will hit its native-4K target across a wide range of content, with power to spare which will then be spent on other various visual enhancements. Thought Microsoft is targeting 4K, they’re also keeping 1080p users in mind and promise that all modes with be available to them as well.

From what has been revealed, it is believed that we could be seeing Scorpio release within 6 months! Microsoft is aiming for a fall release date, however a set date and price have yet to be announced.

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