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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Video Shows New Environment

Assassin's Creed with orcs.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Video Shows New Environment

New gameplay footage from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, shows the human city of Minas Ithil and similar gameplay to the original game.

The video starts with a cinematic showing a ruined Minas Ithil but then cuts to gameplay in the city. Talion, the main protagonist from the first game, and his partner Celebrimbor explore the city and show some small skirmishes with enemy orcs.

Fans will be pleased that much of the gameplay seems similar to the original game. The video also showcases a slicker looking nemesis system; one the original’s most praised features.

Interestingly, Minas Ithil seems much more urban than any place that has previously been explored in the series. The first game mostly consisted of open spaces with the occasional ruin, crumbling wall or tower to allow for vertical movement. The addition of a city will hopefully allow for new gameplay mechanics and more impressive stealth combat.

Further expansion of the series lore also seem inevitable with the video teasing new companions and allies for Talion.

Watch the video courtesy of IGN here:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be available August 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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