More Overwatch Content Comes to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has unleashed Overwatch character, Genji, into Heroes of the Storm this week as well as bringing a version of the famed Hanamura map.

Available now in the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 beta, players can dash around the Nexus as the cybernetic ninja from Overwatch, Genji.  The HotS version will closely match the Overwatch version in terms of abilities, he’ll be able to attack with shuriken and has a dashing swift strike. He’s also capable of deflecting enemy projectiles back at them.

Finally, his ultimate, Dragonblade, will also carry over. Though I’m not sure it’ll quite have the same devastating effect. Exclusive to Heroes of the Storm however is the X-Strike ability where two slashes deal 135 damage and detonate after 1.25 seconds dealing an addition 270 damage to enemies within the area.

In addition, the Overwatch map Hanamura will also find its way into Heroes of the Storm, this time however it’s a little different than the one in the first person shooter. It’ll include new mercenaries and objectives, as well as “explosive payloads.”

Shots of both Genji and Hanamura can be seen below. Genji officially arrives in Heroes of the Storm on April 25.