In Mr. Shifty players will punch, kick and teleport their way through a series of action-packed heists. The key to survival is mastering Mr. Shifty’s teleportation abilities and taking advantage of the environment. Much like Hotline Miami, Mr. Shifty operates on a one bullet kill mechanic which comes together with the unique abilities of the protagonist to create a high octane and frenetic experience. The game features a beautiful top-down comic art style.

There are 18 stages and over 140 levels to fight through and a retro soundtrack to enjoy. The great news is that Mr. Shifty will release on the Nintendo Switch alongside the Steam version.

There has already been an extensive beta of the game so there are plenty of let’s plays available. Mr. Shifty launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, April 13, with console releases to follow. Watch the Nintendo Switch Announcement below!

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