You could usually compare my Sunday nights to a plate of plain rice. It’s vital fuel to exist, but overall, it’s a little on the dull side. So, last Sunday I ditched the rice and did something very different.

I have a friend who is extremely passionate about wrestling, often takes time off work to watch it, and spends his earned cash on anything blessed with the WWE logo. So when Wrestlemania came up this year, which I’m told is the Superbowl of the wrestling world, I kind of got curious.

You see, when my friend talks about wrestling, it’s like an overwhelming wave of trivia where my flimsy raft of limited John Cena knowledge gets destroyed. So after absorbing some useful YouTube videos, I started to enjoy it and not just because I could contribute constructively to a conversation about wrestling.

So I felt comfortable enough to book the Monday off and watch live Wrestling for the first time since I was four. My friends had an epic booze filled time watching it last year, so I fancied a go. Of course, the road to Wrestlemania was little rough, since I got lost finding my friends place and the general hassle that comes with a night out.

We started the evening with WWE 2K17 and was introduced to very complciated controls that you needs to smash someone into the floor. My highlight of getting trounced by my friends was ruining Finn Balors apparently epic entrance by smacking him in the head with a Kendo Stick, which was I instantly punished for.

Then it came on, a pleasant spring evening had blessed the event as everybody was up for some wrastling.

Side note. Why aren’t The New Day in TV or movies? I’d happily financially back a movie with the goofy nerdy hosts of this event.

First up, we had Shane Mchaon vs. AJ Styles. Styles had beaten my wrestling goto, Cena, far too often, so I had no love for him or his blow-dried locks. I threw my weight behind Shane, since I too have a fondness for jumping off of stuff.

Sadly, the ring had nothing for Shane to drop off and despite his boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai skills, AJ got the win and continued his rise to the top. Next up, we had Chris Jericho and his ex-best pal, Kevin Owens. We all rooted for Chris to rob Owens of a victory after he destroyed their bromance.

Though Owens, gave Chris the finger as he pulled out a victory.

The Raw Women’s division was up next and the long ramp meant very long entrances that only an athlete could complete without being out of breath. Of course, Bailey took the belt, as the doughy-eyed fangirl showed everyone it wasn’t such a bad thing to be a hugger.

The Raw Tag Team Championship hailed the return of the Hardy Boys (not the guys from the books) which knocked my favourites of Cesaro and Sheamus away from the belts. Though at least Gallows and Anderson didn’t win. John Cena and Nikki Bella made easy work of the Miz and his wife as Cena rushed to the end pop a big important question for Nikki, wrestling wasn’t on his mind that night.

Seth Rollins signed his death warrant as his injured Stephanie Mchaon using Triple H. If Triple H had any hair, he might have gone Super Saiyan. Things got trippy as Bray Wyatt took his cultish charms into the ring with Randy Orton and things got a little strange. I would like Bray, if didn’t run a cult.

Ever wanted to see two Hulks fight each other? Well, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar is the closest thing you’ll get. It’s safe to both of these two giants are hurting now. The Smackdown girls have been watching Roadhouse as they all kicked each other until someone won.

Then we came to the event my friend couldn’t stop talking: Undertaker vs Seth Rollins. Imagine your favourite hero like Superman or Goku against someone not as popular like Yamcha and you get what this match was about.

It was the end of an era, as The Undertaker valiantly keep standing up again and again as Roman kept putting him back on the ground. The Undertaker may have fallen, but like all good heroes and idols of worship. He won’t ever truly go away.

Overall, I like Wrestlemania. You didn’t have as many fun bits in between matches and nothing hugely shocking happened except for Stephanie Mchaon making good friends with a table. The kicks were epic in Smackdown and Bray Wyatt is just having fun as a great bad guy.

Maybe the show was limited by the venue? The long ramp sometimes slowed things down and facilitated only two epic entrances from Triple H and Sasha Banks. Though it doesn’t matter. Bailey won and Cena proposed and have such a desire to have a Snickers for some reason…

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