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With a Snap Election on the cards for us in the UK, it’s up to the nerds to suggest who should take the reigns of the UK next so let’s dig deep. So what is our criteria of who could be the first nerdy Prime Minister?

Well first, they have to be born in the UK and be something big in nerd culture. Sadly, since the Doctor is a Timelord, he doesn’t qualify. Also, I think James Bond would make a much better secret agent that politician based on the havoc he’s called abroad.

So here’s some suggestions on what nerdy figures could become the next Prime Minister.

Action Man

Since Britains answer to G.I Joe isn’t doing much these days, maybe the all-around action hero should try his hand at politics? He’s done battle with Doctor X in the sea, on land and in the air.

Could he take on his biggest challenge yet, a group of delegates and the House of Commons? I mean I can imagine him being a lot more direct in his method of running the country.

If we’re not happy with some bankers, he could chase them down the streets of London in an epic street chase on a quad bike or some kind of extreme vehicle.

Dan Dare

This dashing space hero came straight from the imagination of a vicar who wasn’t too happy with US Culture. Just thought that was an interesting fact.

This space hero could easily pop into space and make some friends with some alien races and boom we get some fancy technology that could iron out all of our domestic issues. Are trains always late? No hassle take the hover train. Want a real hoverboard? Vote for Dan Dare and it could be very likely.


Screw debates and discussion. We elect a fighter and other countries follow suit.

We can have the first politic martial arts tournament. It would make BBC Parliment a lot more interesting to watch. Though it could put the UFC out of business which is the only downer with this issue I can think off.

Have you got any suggestions? Why don’t you comment and let us know!

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