New ARMS Details – Nintendo Direct

Straight from the Nintendo Direct, we have new information regarding Nintendo’s newest fighting game. We saw ARMS at the reveal for the Nintendo Switch but now we have a release date and more details.

ARMS will be releasing on June 16, 2017. Which is the Friday of E3 week, so we don’t have much longer to wait for this title.

Nintendo also announced a new character for the game, Min Min who fights using ramen and martial arts, whatever that means. She can also deflect punches with kicks, which doesn’t fit the title of the game, you could say it’s a game changer.

ARMS will also feature a four-player mode so you can duke it out in two vs two battles.

And to celebrate the launch of ARMS, Nintendo is releasing yellow Joy-Cons for your Switch. The new Joy-Cons will also be available on June 16.