DISCLAIMER: I know very little about X-Men past and present so if I say something horribly inaccurate don’t hesitate to tweet @spud497 and correct me.

Comic book universes are famously unstable, constantly in a state of flux. Universe resets are a common occurrence after a climatic story arc decimates the character roster or writers just fancying to take characters in a new direction. Seeing spin-off series arising isn’t all that uncanny and so it came as no surprise to hear that there was a new run of X-Men comics coming. X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. The two series will run in tandem and feature different characters in different timelines and universes, so far as it’s understood at the moment.

X-Men Gold will follow Kitty Pryde leading the X-Men to glory through a set of new adventures and escapades, I’ve never been a fan of Kitty Pryde and so am choosing to follow the events of X-Men Blue.

Focusing on the original 5, X-Men Blue takes place after Hank McCoy (Beast) has pulled Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Warren Worthington III (Angel), Bobby Drake (Ice-man) and a younger version of himself, forward through time in order to prevent a war of all mutant kind. The team, lead by Jean Grey, set out to show the world that they are the heroes they were born to be!


Issue 1 does a great job of re-introducing the characters and setting up a good team dynamic of humour and professionalism that you’d expect from a group of up ‘n’ coming heroes with everything to prove. The banter between characters never feels out of place with Bobby cracking wise and Scott being an arrogant arse then being shut down.

The story of the issue involves rescuing a bunch of people on their big fancy yacht under attack from Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut. Being the rookie team’s first op things don’t go according to plan and they have to think on their feet to win the day. Returning back to base they’re greeted by their friend and mentor Magneto who congratulates them on a job well done but explains that there is yet more to be done.

We quickly cut to somewhere in Alaska where we’re introduced to Wolverine who stumbles upon a party of cops hunting a Wendigo. He saves them and promptly disappears without a word. The last couple pages are a note from writer Cullen Bunn and a couple images of things to come. We’re treated to an image of Xavier calling his X-Men to him, Wolverine meeting the team, a rematch between mutant forces and some new old faces.

Every issue of this series will seed new mysteries, new character developments, and new adversaries for our heroes. Some of these seeds will take a while to grow to their full payoff potential, so stick with me to see where this goes!”

Promises from Cullen’s editorial note at the back of the issue and he goes on to say that X-Men Blue is something completely different from its predecessors. With the conflicting images of Xavier and Magneto, it is possible that they have had their polarities switched and Magneto will be leading the X-Men against an Xavier led Brotherhood. What kind of impact will Logan be making in the team’s lives? Will he become the grizzled father figure we’ve all come to know and love?

Only time will tell! I for one can’t wait to get my hands on X-Men Blue #2 April 26 when it releases!

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