New Story Trailer Released for Farpoint

It’s safe to say that Impulse Gear’s VR space-shooter Farpoint is the most anticipated PSVR game this year and for good reason. Farpoint is launching with the brand new AIM peripheral which aims (sorry) to bring realistic shooting mechanics to VR. Today, the game went gold and received a new trailer today outlining what players can expect from the campaign as well as offering new glimpses of the alien world they will be crash landing on.

Farpoint features co-op shooter game play as players will face off against arachnid creatures and deadly machines. The game has been optimised for the new AIM gun controller and features the ability to look down the sights as well as holster the weapon using real-life gestures.

Players can pick up Farpoint along with the new controller when it launches May 16 for £70. The game can also be played with a plain old Dualshock 4 but has been optimised for the AIM controller.