Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have revealed a brand new trailer for The Surge which demonstrates the game’s unique looting mechanic.

Usually in RPGs, when players defeat an enemy loot usually just falls to the ground or can be found on the enemy for players to collect and equip as they see fit. Nothing nasty here, just simply pick-pocketing the dead. In The Surge however, things work a little different.

Loot isn’t quite as simple as just picking something up once an enemy has fallen. Why? Because “loot” in The Surge, is just another name for an acquirable body part or extremity currently in use on the players’ foe. In order to get it, they must take down the enemy, but seeing as most of them are either equipped with armour, or are clad with sheet metal or exo suits, players must find and target the weak point.

While The Surge is being touted as a hardcore RPG, players at least have some chance at taking down the enemy thanks to various weak points. The difficult part here however, is finding them.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer below:

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The Surge launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 16.

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