New Video for Abandon Ship Shows off Sea Combat

Fireblade Software are back, this time with another gameplay trailer for Abandon Ship, their upcoming sea voyaging survival RPG.

We first wrote about Abandon Ship back in November last year and it looks like it’s coming along nicely. Set to release sometime this year, Abandon Ship puts players in control of their own ship and her crew exploring a procedurally generated world filled with quests and random events.

During time with the game players will most definitely come across other ships that want nothing more to see their ship and its crew at the bottom of the ocean, so players must have their wits about them to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Players will need to employ their best tactics to out-manoeuvre and out-gun the enemy, while also ensuring they stay afloat.

Fireblade have released a brand new trailer for Abandon Ship which takes a closer look at combat in all its glory. From finding the best position for the class-based crew, to distancing themselves between ships to ensure optimal reach and visibility. It also shows how players will need to micro-manage the ship putting out fires, sealing cracks, and much more.

Abandon Ship is set to launch on Steam later this year.