New Watch Dogs 2 DLC Now Available on PS4

Great news hackers! Today, Ubisoft announced that the third Watch Dogs 2 add-on pack, titled No Compromises is available for download now on PlayStation 4 systems.

The new add-on pack features a brand new mission called the Moscow Gambit DedSec operation. This new mission will feature a new storyline in which Marcus infiltrated a hardcore adult film studio as a personal favour to a friend.

As well as the new missions there’s also new racing challenges to play through. Six new races have been added in which the player must master an array of special vehicles.

Last but not least there’s also two new non-lethal weapons and three new emergency services themed packs. These new packs will contain outfits vehicles allowing Marcus to blend in with various groups.

The No Compromises add-on comes free with the season pass and will be available on Xbox One and PC May 18.