Nintendo Announces New 2DS XL for Around £120

Nintendo has this morning announced the arrival of the Nintendo 2DS XL, the next generation 2DS device which offers similar features to the New Nintendo 3DS.

While I liked the idea of the Nintendo 2DS I always hated its “block of cheese” shape. Now, it seems Nintendo have also ditched the idea of a handheld shaped like a slice of cake and have announced the Nintendo 2DS XL.

This new device looks like a newer stylish Nintendo 3DS except it comes void of any 3D functions, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s more, it’s relatively affordable too at £120. It also comes with features only available on the New Nintendo 3DS such as the secondary C-pad nub, integrated amiibo support and faster processing power.

This announcement came as a surprise this morning, mostly via Nintendo’s social media channels. The device will come in two colour options, Black + Turqoise” and “White + Orange” and will go on sale on July 28.

Interestingly the New Nintendo 2DS XL launches along side the new Hey! Pikmin game, as well as the Mii RPG, Miitopia, and finally Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay focused?