Oh My Godheads Launches Today on Steam Early Access
Colourful environments are a feature of Oh My Godheads

Oh My Godheads, a fast-paced “capture-the-head” game from Barcelona-based developer Titutitech, launches on Steam Early Access for PC today.

A quirky take on the classic capture-the-flag game mode, it involves charming looking polygonal characters (my favourite so far being a penguin with a top-hat) in a 2-4 person local multiplayer battle to capture as many giant heads as possible. The heads have mysterious powers however, making it quite a challenge to carry one to your base. The game will also have a single-player mode with AI enemies.

Federico Sauret, co-CEO of Titutitech, said:

“Born from a love of classic couch multiplayer games from the 1990’s, we wanted to recreate that fun, fast-paced multiplayer experience in Oh My Godheads whilst adding full 3D environments, more tactics, more depth, and more replayability”.

Titutitech are looking to get feedback from the Steam community in order to balance levels, Godhead abilities, and items (which include projectile exploding pies) before launching the full game- which is expected in late 2017.  They will also be busy developing new maps and a variety of different Godheads with unique powers.

Oh My Godheads is part of the Square Enix Collective, an initiative that aims to help indie developers bring their game to market. Game pitches are submitted by developers and then voted upon by the public. Square Enix then assist the winner with creating a community, marketing, and crowdfunding the development of the game if required.

Oh My Godheads is available to buy for £10.99, and Titutitech have promised that anyone who picks up the game during Early Access will be getting it for the same price or cheaper than the cost on its full release.