Overwatch’s Next Event Details Leak

Overwatch is slated to start a new event tomorrow, April 11, but in true video game fashion, the details have leaked thanks to a few untimely posts and a PlayStation French trailer on YouTube.

Overwatch: Insurrection looks to bring in a new horde mode to the game. A game type we haven’t seen since the Halloween event (Junkenstien’s Revenge saw you play as Solider 76, Mcree, Hanzo and Ana battling waves of Omnic enemies), and one I think should make a permanent stay in the game.

The horde mode lets players take on waves of new Omnics including some two-legged robots who are flooding into King’s Row. Playable heroes include some of the original Overwatch members, Tracer, Mercy, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt.

Along with the new gameplay mode, Blizzard is adding in new skins for a handful of heroes. New skins for the already mentioned heroes along with some sweet new looks for Mcree, Genji, and Widowmaker (FINALLY). Blizzard also promises over 100 new items coming in the update from the mentioned skins, sprays, emotes, and poses.

Overwatch’s Insurrection is slated to roll out tomorrow, April 11. Time to hide away inside and get those sweet, sweet loot boxes.

French Playstation trailer if you can’t wait for the official one.