Party Hard 2 Alpha Now Available

Developer Pinokl have released an alpha build for their sequel to 2015’s murder-stealth strategy game Party Hard. The original had players take on the role of a man who’s neighbours are having a loud party. They were then tasked with stopping said party by murdering every single person in attendance. It featured local co-op and was praised for its ultra-violent visuals and dark humour.

The sequel, Party Hard 2 will follow a brand new character who, after not receiving his Christmas bonus, goes on a killing spree at the corporate party.  The game features a brand new engine which while rendering 3D environments will retain the pixel art style of the characters.

Players will also have a brand new “party vision” at their disposal. Useful items, objects and targets are highlighted allowing for easier experimentation. There’s also an inventory system this time around and the ability to murder multiple targets at once.

Party Hard 2 is currently announced for PC, watch the trailer below: