Persona 5 Has Shipped Over 1.5 Million Units Worldwide

After years of waiting, the newest instalment of the ever-popular Persona series arrived into the hands of hungry fans around the world. It seems that the game has been doing very well indeed as today, Atlus announced that following the North America and Europe release, Persona 5 has shipped 1.5 million units worldwide.

Persona 5 follows a group of students living in Tokyo. After stumbling apon an app which transports them to another world, they gain the ability to summon creatures to battle with. The game mixes elements of turn based RPGs, dating simulations and anime. So far the game has received substantial critical praise and is currently sitting at a score of 94 on metacritic.

Atlus are celebrating the launch of the game with a live concert event on Aug 2 in Yokohama Japan. Recently Atlus started implementing bans on players who are streaming the game. They claim that these measures are to prevent the game being spoiled for people.

Persona 5 released April 4 in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.