Following the hype of the announcement for Dragon Quest XI’s release date in Japan (which is July 29, by the way), Hori has announced a new controller to accompany the game.

Only announced as releasing in Japan, fingers crossed for rest of the world, Hori is releasing a Slime-shaped Dual Shock 4 controller. Appropriately named, Dragon Quest Slime Controller.

If you’re looking to import one, the controller will run you 9980 Yen, or $90 but that includes a nice little stand for the unorthodox peripheral. With the addition of tax that could put you right around $100, but it’ll be a nice collector’s piece. Just like a standard Dual Shock 4, the Slime controller will include a motion sensor, stereo headset jack, and built-in mono speaker.

Though, this isn’t the first time Hori has done this with Dragon Quest. They also released a very similar slime controller on the PlayStation 2.

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