Post Apocalyptic Adventure Game The Uncertain Gets its Own VR Museum

The Uncertain is a post-apocalyptic story driven adventure game developed by Common Games. The game is currently being released episodically with the first episode, titled “The Last Quiet” available now via Steam.

Today, Common Games announced that the series is getting its very own VR museum, available now. The museum will allow players to view various objects, art and characters from the series completely free of charge. Players can pick up and interact with a variety of models from the game as well as listen to the game’s soundtrack. The interactive gallery will update as the series rolls out with new content planned for future releases.

At the moment the museum is only available for HTC Vive and features tracked controller support. The developers have also stated that the experience will come to Oculus platforms too with a release coming shortly. You can get a taster of what the museum contains by watching the trailer on the game’s steam page.