DISCLAIMER: The following series of articles will contain spoilers! Just in case you missed the title. Hard to review a series as complicated as Prison Break without them and making something still be legible. That said, here we go…

So. Cast your mind back to May 2009. Prison Break Season 4 (titled Prison Break: The Final Season) had come to a pretty spectacular close. Michael Scofield sacrifices himself in order to let Sarah, his pregnant wife, arrested for the murder of Christina Scofield in the penultimate episode, escape from prison, aided by Sucre, Mahone and Burrows.

Michael dies. There’s a funeral, people are crying, it’s genuinely pretty emotional, I’d become attached to the character throughout the series. However, the fact remains the Final Season ends with a pretty final event. Dude’s dead, there’s no way they can make a season 5, unless….

Prison Break: Resurrection is Season 5 and as the name suggests, guess who’s back? The first episode opens with T-Bag on his release day, 7 years after the events of the final episode of season 4. Collecting his personal affects there’s a mysterious envelope that contains a picture of (spoiler alert) Michael Scofield standing in a mysterious prison cell somewhere in Yemen. T-Bag being the upstanding citizen he is tracks down Linc to tell him the good news.

One thing Prison Break was great for was its plot strength. Layering mystery upon enigma perfectly and being able to sufficiently and brilliantly explain them all. Season 5 looks to be no different with the introduction of a new mysterious organisation going by the name “Outis” – it’s Greek for nobody, not suspect at all. Not at all. Shady they is, subtle they is not. Everyone seems to know their name and they completely botch attempts on both Lincoln and Sarah’s lives.

Linc digs up Mike’s grave to see if he’s there, when teaming up with C-Note to discover that his brother has been virtually erased from history; all of his records altered to display someone else. He opens the casket and finds Mike’s jacket with the name Michael Outis stitched into the collar. What’s even weirder is that he takes the jacket, gets it dry cleaned and then starts walking around in it.

C-Note agrees to go with Linc to Yemen to find Michael, but he makes a point of highlighting how dangerous it is out there and that they need to be careful. C-Note has converted to Islam and is some kind of counter-terrorist operative, explains that they should be careful who they trust…but immediately gets into a car with the first person they meet when landing in Yemen and ultimately ends in a rundown garage brawl. Good job C, real good job.

Ah yes, just how I like to enjoy my vacations: assaulting the locals.

The pair manage to find Michael, but the tearful reunion they were expecting falls short when he fails to recognise them. Has no memory of them and claims that his name is definitely not Michael Scofield. He asks the guard to take him back to his cells, but as he walks away he looks pained, as if he is playing dumb or maybe his erased memories are coming back to him? Either way only one thing is clear, we don’t know shit.

The opening episode does a fantastic job of creating a swarm of intrigue, providing enough information to hook you in and then keeping everything else so beautifully obscure that you can’t help but want to know more. Who are these Outis guys? What do they want with Michael? How did Michael survive? What’s T-Bag gunna do now he’s out?

We can only wait and see, but see we shall!

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