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Procedurally Generated Action RPG Songbringer Announced, Gameplay Demo Unveiled

Always wanted to play as a shirtless, carefree guy cruising the galaxy for the ultimate party? Well look no further.


You’re Roq, a shirtless carefree dude just cruising the galaxy on his spaceship, Songbringer, in search of the ultimate party.

You accidentally wake an ancient evil army which thrusts your galaxy into war. Accompanied by your robot sidekick Jib, your job is to save the galaxy. The premise for the game is a pretty well-worn trope.  So far, so standard.

But, dig a little deeper and Wizard Fu Games’ latest project doesn’t sound like your standard action RPG. To complete his quest Roq must learn to use the powers of his rare cacti to see things that aren’t there. The game’s weapons also range from a humming nanosword to a boomerang-like top hat.

The exciting news is that Songbringer has a procedurally-generated overworld. The game’s ten dungeons will change depending on the six letter seed code entered when starting a new adventure.This means that most players will experience something completely different from anyone else when playing the game. The announcement boasts possible 308 million unique environment combinations.

It is possible to share your specific adventure with your friends though. The same seed code will generate the the same world, so entering the same code as someone else will allow you to play the version of the game they have played. If you’re looking for a more social experience, local co-op also allows a second player to play as Jib.

You can see a play through of the demo with developer commentary here:

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Songbringer will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer.

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