Project Scorpio News Coming this Week?

According to several sources Microsoft is set to unveil some Project Scorpio-related news this week.

Considering it’s just two days after April Fool, there’s a high chance some pranks are still coming out of the woodwork, however according to sources this is no prank, Microsoft really is preparing to announce some Project Scorpio news this week.

Tweets from Jex Corden, editor of Windows Central, as well as reliable gaming industry tipster, Shinobi, Microsoft is planning on announcing some details on the upcoming console this week. The Inner Circle is claiming that this will happen as early as April 6 through Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry.

Apparently Phil Spencer has also weighed in on the rumours on Twitter, but of course didn’t say too much on the matter:

Microsoft announced the Xbox One in May, so it wouldn’t seem too surprising if the company decided to also announce details around Project Scorpio at the same time. Microsoft also plans to showcase Project Scorpio at E3 later this year. There’s definitely huge things on the horizon.