PSVR Releases This Week (11/04/2017)

Greetings VR fans! It is with great relief that I can reveal that there are in fact some new PS VR releases this week, following from last week’s complete no show.

There may only be one release for the PSVR this week (Symphony of the Machine has, unfortunately been pushed back a week) but it’s a biggie so let’s dive in.

Starblood Arena

The latest effort from Sony San Diego, Starblood Arena is a first-person multiplayer arena shooter. Players will pilot one of nine ships which all handle in distinctly different ways. There’s a single player campaign to blast through as well as co-op and multiplayer modes. These modes include a horde mode, capture the flag and team deathmatch. There’s also nine characters and multiple loadouts to experiment with. Watch the “Features” trailer below:

Starblood Arena launches April 11 for £34.99 ($39.99)

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