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This sure is shaping up to be a great week for PSVR fans. As well as a collection of Indie games there’s a WW2 shooter and an arcade score chaser to enjoy, let’s jump right in.

If you missed last week’s releases, you can check out that post here.


Starting off with Herocade we have a collection of 9 Indie VR experiences. All of the games are presented as part of a cohesive package with an intriguing meta-game involving the completion of each one. The biggie of the bunch is no doubt first-person horror game Dreadhalls. There’s also Sisters which is a short but sweet horror experience. The remaining titles are various arcade games so there’s plenty here to enjoy. Here’s a full list of every game included in Herocade (out April 18):

  • Dreadhalls
  • Sisters
  • Jurassic Survival
  • 405 Road Rage
  • Zombie Strike
  • PolyRunner VR
  • Alpha Turkey Hunt
  • Space Bit Attack
  • Gumi No Yumi
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VR Invaders

VR Invaders is a first-person arcade shooter in which players must battle against swarms of drones to survive. There’s a story to experience and boss battles to master, all presented in a sci-fi arcade visual style. Rack up scores and upgrade your loadout in this dynamic and addictive VR shooter. (out April 18)

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Bandit 6: Combined Arms

The latest to come out of UK Portsmouth-based team Climax Studios, Bandit 6: Combined Arms puts players in the gunner seat on the back of a WW2 bomber. There’s a hefty amount of content here to enjoy with 42 missions and a full trophy list to conquer.

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Check back next week for the latest PSVR releases!

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