PSVR Releases This Week (25/04/2017)

Some great releases in PSVR land this week, from a trapped in a box puzzle game to one where you can change the weather at will, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

Let’s dive in.


PSVR Releases This Week (25/04/2017) - n3rdabl3

We’re starting off this week with the weird and wonderful puzzle game Statik. The game overcomes one of VR’s biggest problems and turns it into its key game mechanic. The players hands are trapped inside a box throughout which of course is only bolstered by the fact that in the real world they are tethered to their Dualshock 4 in a similar manner. Each box is its own individually designed puzzle with unique buttons and switches corresponding to those on the controller. Players must first work out what controls what and then from there solve each puzzle.

Statik releases 24/04/17, there’s also a free demo available to download.

Symphony of the Machine

PSVR Releases This Week (25/04/2017) - n3rdabl3

In Symphony of the Machine players must direct beams of light towards panels which in turn alter the weather. Things get complicated really fast as new game play elements are thrown in such as beam splitters and elemental lenses. The main draw of the game is its tranquil and beautiful world. Weather is dynamic and changes before the players’ very eyes and a subtle yet effective score compliments the experience perfectly.

Symphony of the Machine is out 25/04/17.

Some great games to enjoy then this week, join me next week to see what game’s are coming to a headset near you!