Questions will be Answered in Spider-men II

Bendis & Pichelli aren’t the only ones teaming up this summer, as the two Spider-men are swinging into action to solve a 5-year-old mystery.

Since of the end of Spider-men, spidey fans have been wondering, “Who is Miles Morales in the main Marvel Universe?” Now, this mystery is going to be answered as Peter Parker and Miles Morales must team up again to go on another adventure as the Spider-men we’ve grown so fond of.

A big high five to all the passionate spidey fans who’ve kept the hype going as Brian Michael Bendis talks about how out everything he’s done in the last few years, the conclusion of Spider-men is always mentioned.

“It’s exciting just because this series is the one I’m asked the most about,” Bendis says in an interview he gave on Marvel’s website.

Much has changed for the two Spider-men since their first team-up; Peter Parker is a responsible CEO of a big global company and he’s now a hero of the world. Though things have changed a lot since The Clone Conspiracy for Peter and he still somehow manages to fit in some time to be an Avenger.

Miles Morales is now a resident of the main Marvel Universe and has filled the neighbourhood friendly Spider-man role whilst Peter battles dark forces all over the world.

Miles hasn’t been around long, but he’s been an Avenger and has clashed with classic Spidey support characters like Black Cat. He’s even matey with the young Nova and the new Ms. Marvel.

Bendis states the world of these two heroes has changed so much that “all the stuff that’s happened since then has made the story that much more potent.”

Who is Miles in the main universe? Find out when Issue 1 lands in July. Meanwhile, check out our picks for who the Earth 616 Miles could be.