Stoic “Certainly Considering” Nintendo Switch Release of Banner Saga 3

Stoic, the developer behind the upcoming third instalment to the Banner Saga Series, Banner Saga 3, are “certainly considering” bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, provided they could find the time to do so.

This past weekend at Rezzed, we caught up with Stoic’s John Watson and Zeb West to talk about The Banner Saga 3 and the future of the series. During that interview we wondered whether any thought had gone into bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch.

“We’re certainly considering it,” said Watson. “We haven’t made any material moves toward that and we haven’t done any tech investigation in-house, but what investigation we have done seems certainly feasible. It’s really a question of bandwidth for our team. We have a team of about 7 people and currently it’s all we can do to support, going forward with The Banner Saga 3 and support all the platforms for Banner Saga 1 [and 2].

“We’re doing an update, or two, or three, at all times, across all of our platforms so if we can find the bandwidth we would absolutely love to be on Switch, it seems like a good platform for it and I think it would run well,” he added.

So while many would likely love to see the third, or even the entire series on Switch, it’s not looking likely in the near future, but it’s a possibility.

The Banner Saga 3 recently concluded its crowdfunding campaign and development is in full-swing.