Strange Parts Creates iPhone 6S From Scratch in China

Ever wondered whether its possible to build your own iPhone from scratch? Well, one YouTube creator by the name of Strange Parts took the challenge and built his own iPhone 6S from spare parts.

The 24-minute video, which you can see below, follows Strange Parts as he explores the electronic markets of Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen looking for the various parts to build his own iPhone 6S from scratch. From the outer shell to the logic board, pretty much every part of the iPhone can be found among the bustling markets and backstreets, and while it seems shady, it’s actually pretty darn impressive.

After having a tough time with the Logic Board (which ended up being repaired and replaced, no questions asked), he managed to put the phone together and had himself a working iPhone 6S.

Unfortunately he doesn’t reveal how much it actually cost him to build the phone using these parts which would have been pretty interesting. Though if it cost more than actually buying a phone from new, it sort of defeats the point.