Strategy RPG War of Crown Launches TODAY on Mobile

Gamevil have today launched War of Crown, their latest strategy RPG for mobile featuring tactical RPG gameplay not unlike Final Fantasy Tactics.

Offering refined tactical gameplay, War of Crown is part tactical turn-based RPG and part character collection. Players are able to create a party of heroes each of which have their own elemental attributes, these attributes make battles much more tactical as some elements pose a stronger threat to others.

In the game, the Death Guard Army have swept the land in search of the Crown of Greed leaving a path of destruction in their wake, it’s up to Eshirite, his Elven friend Lyilis, and their leader Arendel to defeat this nefarious army, and put an end to the war.

Aside from the rich tactical gameplay, the game also features an array of characters to collect each of which are presented in a stunning art style. In addition the game worlds which players will be battling on are also highly detailed and can be manipulated to see every angle of each environment.

With both a single player and an Adventure Mode, players can also put their parties to the test in online synchronous PvP battles.

War of Crown is completely free to play on both Android and iOS.