Super Nintendo Mini Possibly Coming This Year

Nintendo just announced they are discontinuing the NES: Classic Edition after it’s incredible ability to fly off the shelves and it seems as though we have an answer as to why.

Sources close to Eurogamer revealed that there is a Super Nintendo Classic Edition or Super Nintendo Mini in the works due out this year. According to Eurogamer’s sources, the new mini console is scheduled to be available before the Christmas rush. The sources also indicate development is underway. This new mini console would be the reason why Nintendo has decided to move on from the NES Classic Edition.

The ever popular NES Classic was impossible for retailers to keep on the shelves. Nintendo promised that there would be a steady flow of the console coming to stores although, ultimately, Nintendo canned the novelty console in flavor of the SNES Classic, apparently.

We can only hope Nintendo follows through this time and can keep the console in stock at retailers. If the first console is any indication, this version will sell out immediately. I’m hoping for a Super Nintendo version and Super Famicom version.