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I know right? Apparently releasing comics adapted around video games is becoming more main stream. However, as I have discussed previously in an article about video games translating into comics, its not always a bad thing.

Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed the Tekken games, but I also grew up with heavy single player, story focused, campaigns and found that most fighting games really just come up short in that department. This is where comic adaptations can be great and really work in favour of the canon for that universe.

In this case Tekken #1 is a fun, fast, enjoyable read that gives you a better look at the personalities behind the characters of the Tekken Universe. It grants voices to the characters you’re mostly used to hearing go “AARGH” “UGH” “HOO-HAH”.

For starters, the comic opens with this, which I feel is appropriate so we can get everyone on the same page.

“For 40 years a civil war has raged within the Mishima family, one that has pitted father against son, grandfather against grandson, for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation. The King of Iron Fist Tournament – a legendary martial arts contest that pits the world’s strongest fighters against each other in the quest for fortune and glory – has been home to many such battles. After gaining ownership of Mishima Zaibatsu following his triumph in the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament, Jin Kazama used his position to instigate a worldwide war in an attempt to awaken the nefarious demon Azazel. Sacrificing himself in order to defeat the beast, Jin hoped to rid himself of the Devil Gene that taints his bloodline… but following Azazel’s demise, he discovered the curse still remains within him. Now, with Jin’s current whereabouts unknown and ownership of the Zaibatsu reverting back to the diabolical Heihachi, the fate of the world remains unclear.”

Without spoiling anything else story-wise, this first issue does an acceptable job of setting up the four part series to really take off. It introduces you to some major characters, mainly fan favorites of the games, whats up Paul Phoenix, while also treating you to some fun action scenes as well. Over all the story felt pretty fast paced and before I knew it I was done with the 30 page issue.

The art style is genuinely well done. Everything is well defined and the colors pop off the page. Nothing looked muddy or felt unreadable. This is a series where it was really cool to see some iconic characters brought to life in comic form.

While the dialogue can seem rather silly at points, I believe it is meant to be interpreted that way. It almost makes fun of itself and you can see that translate rather well through the small character descriptions included when a new face comes on the page.

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