The Indie Fix: Infinity Inc.

Welcome to The Indie Fix, where we delve into the exciting world of indie gaming to have a gander at promising works in progress, weird and wonderful freeware offerings, or recently published games that may have slipped under your radar!

This week I’ve been seeing double with Infinity Inc., a neat little puzzle platformer based around cloning yourself.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to clone myself, it’s the main reason I went to uni to study genetics (mwahahaha…). Unfortunately, it turns out it’s not that easy yet and the ethics are more than a little contentious. But imagine having one or two versions of yourself to “share” the load – maybe you’d finally get started on all those projects you keep nattering about down the pub. On second thoughts though, having now played the demo for Infinity Inc. (over on Game Jolt here), maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

The game envisions a bleak future where Corporation Infinity’s Quantum Matter Replication Device (QMRD or Q-Gun) has fallen into the hands of the general populace. It’s a device that can replicate literally anything, including itself. Driven by well, human nature, people have cloned everything and anything – money, food, energy and, of course, themselves. Inevitably governments have collapsed, society has broken down and the world has gone to hell.

The Indie Fix: Infinity Inc. - n3rdabl3

Seemingly the only sane person left, you’ve taken it upon yourself to head to the centre of the Corporation and attempt to put an end to the rampant madness. But with all manner of diabolical traps and obstacles standing in your way, looks like you’re going to have to resort to using the Q-gun yourself.

Infinity Inc. is a 2D puzzle platformer where you have to work with your clones to progress through the levels. As well as the usual running, jumping, shooting and button pushing, you can also create and switch between clones at any time. You can then send your replicas to stand on pressure pads, jump on their heads to get to difficult to reach platforms and sacrifice them to trigger traps and disable lasers or go places they’re likely to not return from. Sometimes you’ll even have to shoot a twin in order to get through certain barriers that open based on whether you have an active clone or not.

But you can’t just duplicate yourself willy nilly. In the demo at least, you’re restricted to just a single doppelgänger. More importantly though, the Q-Gun consumes ammo, which can only be found in limited supply. When it runs dry you start producing inferior clones with mismatched limbs. These unfortunate freaks can still run and leap, but they have no Q-Gun, can’t double jump and lack the ability to interact with switches.

The Indie Fix: Infinity Inc. - n3rdabl3

The puzzles are actually quite imaginative and cleverly designed, requiring a bit of thought and experimentation. I particularly liked how on the train level, the wind becomes another puzzle element. Generally, the pace is quite laid back, but there is a kind of chase sequence, where you’re pursued by a huge laser, that puts you under pressure to act and think very quickly.

Anyway, it’s a great demo featuring some nice, gory pixel art, a lively soundtrack, a strong comedy element (everyone in this world is bonkers), and a brilliant voice over that gradually fills in the backstory as you progress through the screens.

If you like the demo, then you should vote for it on Steam Greenlight and consider backing it over on Indiegogo. Infinity Inc. is being developed by a Ukrainian husband and wife team and began life as a browser game. They’ve been working on it for over a year and are hoping to raise $9000 to expand and improve upon the original. Backer rewards include things like your name in the credits, beta access, a digital art book and a developer bible, while stretch goals include an additional location and local co-op. Check out the trailers below.

If successful Infinity Inc. will becoming to Windows, Mac and Linux, possibly this autumn.