The #LiveFree Backpack is a Must-Have for any Travelling Techie

UK company KNOMO has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for #LiveFree, a “24/7 backpack” that’ll keep not only you, but your gadgets juiced up, too.

Let’s face it gadgets nowadays seem to constantly require charging. I can’t travel anywhere without having a charging cable or a portable battery pack somewhere nearby. With this need to always be on-charge our bags are now full of messy cables in amongst all of the other crap we store.

In comes KNOMO with the #LiveFree Backpack. This backpack not only looks stylish, it’ll also keep your stuff stored securely, and fully charged. Being touted as the “ultimate companion for work, travel and play,” the #LiveFree Backpack offers hard-wearing, water-repellent fabric; device protection; and a unique organisation system to ensure the Mess Gremlins don’t attack.

With all of this, the backpack also offers inductive wireless charging, location tracking, and RFID protection to ensure your tech is fully charged, you always know where it is, and your data is secure.

The #LiveFree Backpack is a Must-Have for any Travelling Techie - n3rdabl3

Howard Harrison, CEO and Co-Founder at KNOMO says, “KNOMO was founded to cater to the digital revolution. Over the past 12 years our team has grown, spreading across 15 locations and seven different countries, so we understand the problems that the connected generation are facing. The #LiveFree Backpack draws on our extensive design experience and most importantly the feedback we’ve received from our community; and we believe it is the ultimate companion, whatever your needs.

“We’re excited to share this for the first time with the Kickstarter community, giving an insight into our product development that we’ve never shared before.”

The bag features DropGo wireless charging, that features a Qi-certified wireless charging powerbank, and an integrted device guide what holds your phone in place to avoid messy cables. It also has Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking which means you’ll always know where your bag is, at all times, and if it goes out of range, you’ll know about it.


You’re probably wondering how you can get a hold of your own #LiveFree Backpack? Well it’s simple, just head to Kickstarter and pledge £189 to grab your own back and tracker. You can also find out more information about the bag via the video below: