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Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we got are in a video-shaped package, we have you covered. This is The N3WS.

This time it’s Dylan Cook, MisterTizye himself, hitting you with the second installment of our weekly show (on Mondays now).

This week we go over the death of MadCatz, some details on Project Scorpio, the drama around Persona 5 and its streaming, and much more. Here are the links to every article discussed:


Mad Catz Enters Bankruptcy, Ceases Operations

Microsoft Unveils Specs for Scorpio Console

AOL and Yahoo Merge to Become… OATH

Video Game BAFTAs 2017: Uncharted 4 wins ‘Best Game’

Streaming Person 5 for Too Long Could Get you Banned

A Call of Duty Cinematic Universe is in the Works…

Hands-on with Battalion 1955 at EGX Rezzed


Yooka-Laylee Review – Well Worth the Wait

Rain World Review – Discovery and Wonder Tinged with Frustration

Ghost in The Shell Movie Review

And lastly, the n3rdabl3 Podcast #14 – Early Access, Scorpio, Pewdiepie, oh my!

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