The Sexy Brutale Launch Trailer Shows a Bizarre Murder Mystery

Tequila Works have released the launch trailer to their recently released murder-mystery adventure game, The Sexy Brutale, which has players observing and saving people from being murdered.

Think Murder, She Wrote mixed with Groundhog Day and you’ve got yourself The Sexy Brutale, an isometric puzzle game in which players must observe all the other guests in the ball to stop them from being killed by the bizarre mansion staff. The Sexy Brutale is the name of the stately English home in which the game is set and is the setting of the endlessly looping day.

As the elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, players must follow, hide, and observe each of the guests in order to find key moments and methods of how each guest meets their end. Once players begin saving the guests, they earn powers allowing them to explore deeper into the mansions past.

“The Sexy Brutale has been our first collaboration with another studio. Our first Pan-European co-production,” said Raúl Rubio, CEO & Creative Director at Tequila Works. “The first game published by us. Only the combination of talents from England and Spain could produce such a charming, decadent, exhilarating result as The Sexy Brutale.”

“Today we feel honored to invite you to join us at the Grand Opening of The Sexy Brutale Casino Mansion,” adds Rubio.

Check out the launch trailer below: