The Stage is Set in Injustice 2 Trailer

Ever wondered who would in a fight between Gorilla Grodd and Swamp Thing? Well, now you can find out as Injustice 2 is even closer.

Did you wonder how the super-villains would react to Superman taking over the world Well, what if the teamed up and started their own society. That’s right, it’s the Injustice League or The Secret Society or basically, a bunch of DC villains teamed up to fight the Justice League.

Lead by Grodd, determined to put Gorilla City on the map, you best watch out for branded baddies like Deadshot, Captain Cold and Catwoman going toe to toe with your favourite DC heroes.

Will Superman, Robin, and Green Lantern redeem themselves for The Regime? Can Batman forgive them for all the horrible things they did? Will The Flash dodge that bullet or has he ran out of steam?

Who will prevail? We’ll find out around May 16th.