How about that, Marvel have developed a decent reason to keep the Thor franchise going. I mean the Thor films aren’t bad, they’re just the C- of the Marvel movies. Beautiful and fun, but not much else going on, since you can pretty much tell only one story with Thor.

So here’s a quick breakdown of this new trailer. Did you wonder where Thor was in Civil War? Well, the fateful apocalyptic day in Norse Mythology has befallen Asgard and Thor’s trusty hammer has been destroyed.

Captured in what looks like the distant side of the galaxy (maybe where the Guardians of the Galaxy hang out?) Thor is made a gladiator where encounters an old work friend. That’s right, we’re going to get a Logan-style adaption of Planet Hulk as it looks someone shot The Hulk into space because they were sick of their stuff getting destroyed.

Looking at you, Tony Stark.

Can Thor save the day and make it in time for the start of the Infinity War? We’ll find out in November.

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